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What our customers say

“Wireless at my house was spotty and slow. Geeks 24/7 installed a new wireless system. I now have fast wireless throughout my house.”

Chris R.
Chicago, IL

"Great service.  Used them several times.  This most recent occasion they set up our office network and equipment.  Very helpful, responsive, and reasonably priced.  Highly recommend!"

Jeff K.
Chicago, IL

"My hard drive died and they put a new one in. I took it home and was having trouble connecting to the Internet. I called them and they walked me through connecting my PC to the modem. I was online within 5 minutes. Thanks"

Liz A.
Chicago, IL

"My computer got locked by scammers after I refused to pay them. Geeks 24/7 unlocked my computer. They removed everything the scammer put on there. Now my computer is back to normal and most importantly, I have all my files."

Jill H.
Evanston, IL

"I couldn't find a document I had been working on for a week. Geeks 24/7 was able to recover the missing document and save me a lot of time."

Carol K.
Chicago, IL